Stock at The Farm Lake

In addition to the existing stock we have added 100 fish from 20-40lb in November 2014, a 100 fish in December 2015 and 80 in December 2017. A further 244 were added in December 2019 with a now estimated total of 750 Carp in the lake. These fish settled very well and have shown great weight gains.

The current lake record mirror is 71lb and common is 68.8lb and we look forward to these records being broken in spring of 2023. All fish stockings and captures can be seen on our updated facebook and instagram pages, @thefarmlake .

There is a full range of course fish including pike, perch, zander, roach, rudd, bream, grass carp etc.

Fish Summary

Carp stock: Currently 750 Carp to 71lb

Mirror record 71lb Common 68.8lb

Grass carp 55lb, pike 22lb, perch 4lb